10 Christmas Gifts for Travelers

I admire people who have organized all their Christmas gifts already. Are you one of them? Well, I am definitely not. And Christmas is just around the corner. If you have friends or someone in your family who loves to travel, it's quite difficult to find out what they need. Let's be honest. You don't need any nice accessories, vouchers or decorations before you're about to leave the country. But what kind of gift would be perfect for a traveler? 


First, decide on your budget. Here you find a few things what every traveler is going to be happy about: 

1. Travel journal

Travel journal  is one of my favorite gifts. It's an item I personally take on every trip. Whether it is for my notes, my drawings (street names, directions, thoughts), to keep receipts or to write down local recipes, I couldn't go without one. If you want to make it even more personal, stick a photo of you two in there so the person will see you while she or he travels. You may also want to write a little quote in it somewhere.

2. Travel Water Purifier

Such a great invention! This little water purifier from SteriPEN works with UV light. You can charge it with your laptop and  use it up to 8,000 times. It helps you in two ways: It kills germs and prevents you from getting sick from bad water quality and second, it helps you to save money. Just imagine how much you spend each time at the airport because you have to buy water. Also, in this way, you're producing less waste as you don't have to buy plastic bottles over and over.

3. Inflatable neck pillow

An inflatable neck pillow - also on my wish list this year. It's so good for long flights. I am jealous whenever I see other people traveling with it. If you know someone who travels a lot and doesn't own one yet, make sure to get one here

4. Go Pro Camera

Perfect christmas gift for every traveler who wants to start filming: Go Pro camera. If you don't want to buy a new one, buy it used. To be honest, I bought most electrical devices for our world trip used. Can't wait to take videos of our adventures with it. 

5. Passport Cover

A fancy passport cover is a neat gift, whether for business travelers, for vacation or for a long trip. Here you can find a fancy passport cover for girls or one for guys so you have a little bit of style while you travel around the world. 

So cute! It's a present pox from Plan B Berlin and includes a passport cover and a luggage tag.

6. Headlamp

Why would you give someone a headlamp for a round the world trip? Well, there are so many situations where you might need it. In lots of countries in the world it gets dark by 5 or 6 PM and in villages there is no light and it's quite difficult to walk. Also, it's good to have it with you when you go for longer hikes. I used it several times in Mozambique when I had to find my way to the outdoor toilet ;) 

7. Luggage lockers

When you travel, make sure you take care of your stuff. Especially the important and expensive stuff in your backpack. Whether you stay in a hotel or you surf someone's couch, don't forget to take luggage lockers with you. 

8. Swisstool

For all you adventurers, campers and outdoor fans: The Victorinox Swisstool is a basic tool which includes everything you need: a bottle opener, a can opener, a little saw, a measuring stick, scissors, etc. And yes, it is quite expensive but it will last forever. 

9. Travel adapter with USB charger

Most of my friends have chargers for each country. It's so much more convenient to have all in one including a USB charger. Makes life easier, doesn't it? 

10. Let's talk about money...

Do you keep everything in your wallet when you travel or do you have any secret spots where you hide a few Dollars? Here are some ideas for you what you could give someone as a present. 

I just got the money belt which I am going to use for our RTW trip. 

For the ladies: Undercover bra stash 

Tatonka money belt 

I hope you could find some ideas here for this Christmas. Any other Christmas present ideas for travelers? Let me know! Happy Christmas preparations! Enjoy the season.