Flashpacker couples travel costs in INDIA 

Red Fort, Agra, India © Melanie Klien www.mafambani.com

India is supposed to be one of the countries where traveling is very cheap. But, before listening to others, do whatever you feel comfortable with. If you arrive in a city like Delhi and it has 45 °C every day, all you wish for is a room with AC and that's ok. You can save somewhere else. Or in Goa we felt like we should really enjoy our time there and we booked such a nice hotel with pool. Traveling can be really exhausting, especially in India. Don't forget to treat yourself well. After a long day of traveling, all you want to do is relax? That's fine. 


We traveled quite a lot through India and that's the reason why we spent more money than others. Also, if we would have stayed longer in one place we would have probably spend less as well. 


So, what did it cost us to travel for 35 days through India? 


Especially in big cities like Delhi it's difficult to find good accommodation which is not too expensive. All we wanted to avoid was bed bugs (read the references before you book a hotel). In places like Rishikesh or Goa it's easier to find nice places and if you stay longer you can ask for a better price. All the rooms we had there were clean and perfectly fine. We only booked rooms with ACs in cities where it was too hot. In Goa and Rishikesh it was perfectly fine with a fan. 


Indian food, Goa © Melanie Klien www.mafambani.com

If you let out expensive places like Mumbai or Delhi, you can actually eat quite cheap in India. While visiting Hampi, we both had lunch at Mango Tree restaurant for 530 rupees ($8.43). In cities most of the restaurants were quite expensive. 

Mango Tree Restaurant, Hampi, India © Melanie Klien www.mafambani.com
Mango Tree Restaurant, Hampi


Tuk Tuk in Delhi, India © Melanie Klien www.mafambani.com

Whether you travel by Tuk Tuk, cab, subway or train through India, it's one of the costs you have to plan. We took lots of trains and it was our favourite way of traveling. Mumbai-Goa, Goa-Hampi, Hampi-Bangalore, Haridwar- Delhi, Delhi-Agra, Agra-Delhi. We did a lot of traveling. If you travel less and stay longer in one place, it saves you money for sure. During night trains we preferred 1st, 2nd or 3rd AC, but during the day for short trips like from Delhi to Agra you can book sleeper as well. If you want to know the differences, I listed them here for you. 

Train ride in India © Melanie Klien www.mafambani.com

Activities / Extras 

You can save some money on accommodation and food but still, you should enjoy India! After traveling, enjoy a massage or a yoga class, go rafting or do some sightseeing. Our total costs for all activities were $86.32. Considering the time we spent in India, it's actually not that much. 

Hampi, India  © Melanie Klien www.mafambani.com

Cost overview 

Enough talking, now I'll let the numbers speak. This is how much we spent in total in India. Not included are the flights to and out of India, visa costs and a flight we took in India. 

Spending INR (Indian Rupees) $
Lodging 35,269.90 557.02 504.84
Food 43,135


Transport  21,991.80 347.32 314.78

Activities (Rafting, Massage,

entrance fees ,etc.)

5,466 86.32 78.24

Extras (clothes, gifts,etc.) 

7,236 114.28



2,901 45.82


Total couple costs (35 days) 115,999.70 1831,98 1,660.37

Per person 

57,999.85 916 830

Per day  

1,657.13 26.17 23.72

*as converted by July 7th

What about your budget when you traveled through India? Did you spend more, less? How did you do it? Let me know! 

Thanks for reading.