Five Fun Outings in Badung, Indonesia

By guest blogger Jyotsna Ramani 

A popular location in Indonesia among tourists is Bandung. After all, the beautiful locations have many attractions to see, and there are endless options to enjoy shopping and food. Those who want get away from the noisy scene of Jakarta, head for Bandung that works as a popular weekend destination. There is a huge variety of attractions, plus the food is cheap and delicious. Get your hotel booking done by an expert tour operator and look for some great deals to holiday in Bandung. Grha Ciumbuleuit Guest House is immensely popular among the travelers because of the luxury service it provides on a budgeted holiday.


A range of mountains surrounds Bandung highland, and there are many activities to be enjoyed within the city and outside. There are loads of adventure activities, mountain resorts, and outdoor sports. Here are some fun-filled activities to explore while in the city.

1. Jalan Dago

Every Saturday night, the youngsters hang around in Jalan Dago which is a few blocks from Holiday Inn Hotel. Don't bring your own car as the street is crowded and there is noise and loud music everywhere. Just walk around and you will love the experience. Get some sweet or hot-chili corn from the street stalls and enjoy the party that lasts until midnight.

2. Gasibu Park

Visit the Gasibu Park that is placed in front of the Gedung Sate complex. Do not forget to wear your sportswear as you can do some stretching or go jogging. Look around and you will find a lot of food varieties, and chicken dim sum is a huge favorite. Also known as the Gasibu, the park is found just across the Gedung Sate, and Sunday Market is one of the most famous activities here.

3. Bosscha observatory

Make a Lembang trip to the north of Bandung, but make sure to get your reservation done for the observatory. You can rent a car and can also make a side trip to Bosscha. This is the only observatory in Indonesia, and you can see the telescope. Continue your journey to Lembang and enjoy fresh milk at the roadside stalls. You can have strawberry, mocha flavored or whatever you wish for.

4. Hiking

Hiking in Bandung is very popular with umpteen options as it is surrounded by mountains on all sides. Tebing Keraton is a lovely sunset/sunrise hike spot in the heart of North Bandung. An easy 30 minutes hike takes you to this sunning viewpoint. 

© Jyotsna Ramani

5. Sari Ater - hot water spring

Make a journey to Sari Ater, which is a hot water spring complex. Stop for a delicious lunch at Sindang Reret, a popular Sundanese restaurant. This is a very good place for families and children as it is very relaxing and beautiful. The camping ground in Sari Ater provides decent facilities plus new experiences for children. Sari Ater would do well for you and is highly popular among the local and international traveler. 



Guest blogger Jo from Wander with Jo is a passionate globetrotter, wildlife enthusiast, thrill seeker and writter. She likes to share her travel secrets on her blog. The picture  is kindly provided by her. 

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