The Most Romantic And Spectacular Honeymoon Destinations in India

written by guest blogger Rohit Agarwal from Trans India Travels 

In India getting married is quite hectic and a lot of time and energy goes into the planning of a wedding. A honeymoon is a welcoming cutoff from all the emotional roller coaster rides one has recently felt. And it's also time for a reality check, you will realize after a while, yes, you're married now.  

In India couples usually do not live together before they get married. Thus, they will share from the wedding onwards their things and their time. Before the regular work life begins again, the purpose of a honeymoon and a romantic getaway is to give each other enough time to understand and well, negotiate the terms of coexistence. You might have been lovers but staying with someone for 24/7 is a different thing altogether. It’s also a training session in some ways; you try and test different things on the menu and see where you stand. With these things in mind, here goes the list of 7 most popular honeymoon destinations in India.

1. Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar island

Port Blair is sparse and silent capital of the Andaman Islands and is appreciated for its serene beauty. It is literally an isolated place which makes it most suitable to spend time with your partner. Most of all, the lush green forests, the deep blue sky and the clear water resonates well with one’s fresh feelings post marriage. When in Port Blair, lie down and chill. Keep the tension on the backside of your head and flow with the air. 

2. Manali

If you like the cold and you prefer fresh air, Manali could be the right choice for you. Manali is situated in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh. This hill station is beautiful and the snow-covered landscape is a treat for the eyes. Just plain and simple snow everywhere, yet making it so beautiful! In the hills of Manali, one tends to become a child again and before you'll realize you will lie in the snow with your partner, making a snowman, snowball fights and have the time of your life. There's also the possibility of ice skating and many other adventurous activities. It brings that ‘excited side’ of a person out, thus making the situation even more special. 

3. Goa

 Goa is about passion and living one’s to the fullest. The city sees many beachside parties, yet you’ll notice couples walking hand-in-hand trying to get deeper into the ocean. You won't see many people swimming as many Indians never learned how to swim. Thus they just walk together into the ocean or stay close to the beach. It might look like an overcrowded place for honeymoons but even in Goa you'll find some beaches which are not crowded and where you can enjoy the beach life. Goa has many different faces and the people are very welcoming, friendly and open-minded. Also, Goa has some delicious food to offer. 

4. Udaipur

Udaipur is undoubtedly the dream honeymoon destination for many Indian women. In this royal city of palaces, a girl feels like a queen and her husband can take some efforts to make her feel like the most special person in the whole world. It's a magical place after all. The vastness of the desert and the scarcity of people around gives the couple an entirely different zone to be with each other. 

5. Srinagar

Also called the ‘Heaven on Earth’, the Srinagar valley is the most classic honeymoon destination. The houseboat, the tradition dress, the apple orchids and the snow-capped mountains make it nothing less than the most romantic scene of a film. Srinagar makes one playful and at the same time innocent with romance at the highest peak.

© McKay Savage
© McKay Savage

6. Coorg

Coorg is a beautiful green meadow in the southern state of Karnataka. Its environment has been compared to Scotland and it thus called the ‘Scotland of India’. It is also an ideal location for trekking trips and campaigning. If you and your partner share a streak for adventure then this can be the best place for you. Away from the cities with no network on your phone, in the midst of greenery under the dark starry night and one tent, a perfect picture indeed!

7. Kerala

Kerala is an all-in-one place as a honeymoon destination. Be it the backwaters, or the antique classic architecture and pilgrimages, or be it the hills and the clean beaches; Kerala is the 'God's own country'.  This place gives you an opportunity to both admire the locations  and still get ample time to enjoy with your partner, a perfect balance in taste!


Trust me on this; you can go for a honeymoon to any place in the whole world but where there is a true understanding and sharing of spaces amongst couples, that’s the best time one can spend together.

© Sarath Kutchi
© Sarath Kutchi

About the guest blogger 

Rohit likes to take small breaks from his work and discover new places. While choosing a destination, he keeps his current mood in mind and then decides the place. His admiration for beauty has taken him to all potential destinations in India

Have you ever been to any of these places? Which was your favorite? And, no matter where you are from, if you're married, let me know where did you go for your honeymoon? If you're not married like me, to which of these places would you like to go, even if you don't plan a honeymoon?