Casa da Praia, Candolim © Nussbaumer Photography

Casa Da Praia: Best Place To Stay in Candolim, Goa 

During our India travels we wanted to have a place for three days where we could purely relax before we had our next upcoming trip to Hampi. Casa da Praia seemed to be perfect. We were lucky and there was one room left, so we booked

© Mafambani Rishikesh, India

4 Things You Should Know About Rishikesh 

Rishikesh - famous as the world capital of yoga, and to some also known as the birthplace of yoga. The town lies next to the Ganges river and is one of the famous spiritual places for Hindus. If you plan to go there, here are four things you should know about.

A Couples Travel Guide To India 

Before heading off to our around the world trip, people were shocked to hear that we wanted to see India. „What? After all that's happened?“ Everytime I read or saw the news about India, I was shocked. And I am still. But, there are few things I learned  on how to travel save in India. 



Flashpacker Couples Travel Costs in India  

India is supposed to be one of the countries where traveling is very cheap. But, before listening to others, do whatever you feel comfortable with. If you arrive in a city like Delhi and it has 45 °C every day, all you wish for is a room with AC and that's ok.