Private Skype Yoga Lessons

Unable to attend a yoga class? Too busy to get out of the house? 


Book a private yoga class from your home, hotel room or your office. 


My one-on-one live yoga classes are a convenient way to include yoga into your daily life. Practice yoga with Skype from anywhere you are in the world. During 60 minutes you'll enjoy a class that is suited to your body and your needs. Classes are available in English or German. 

Benefits of Skype yoga

Yoga in The Container in Pai © Nussbaumer Photography @Mafambani @nussbaumerphoto
  • Personal Attention: The practice is especially designed for you and your needs with instant feedback and verbal adjustments. 
  • Professional practice: Practice yoga the safe way with immediate feedback on your postures.
  • Breath work to bring your breathing back to a natural state 
  • Save money and time: Through Skype yoga you can save money as a private lesson in your home is usually between $70- $90 per hour. Save time as you don't need to travel anywhere, enjoy what you really love. 

What do I need?

Tree pose in Pai, Thailand @Mafambani
  • A yoga mat 
  • Water
  • A good internet connection 
  • A Skype account (for free) / Add me: mafambaniyoga
  • Web camera, working audio and built in microphone 
  • yoga props you would like to use (blocks, bolsters, straps;)
  • A blanket for Shavasana (relaxation) if you'd like 
  • Decoration: Anything that you would like to use that makes you feel more comfortable like a candle, a scent, etc. 
  • Payment is accepted on PayPal 


Classes are 60 minutes. 



Want to try out a free 10 min class where you can get to know me better? Contact me via e-mail ( and we'll set you up. Please fill out the form below with your contact details and your preferred dates and I will get back to you. 

Baby & Me Skype Yoga

Having a baby means also having a completely different schedule which might make it difficult to attend a Baby yoga class close to your home. Sometimes it becomes even difficult to take some time to focus on your own health. With my Skype sessions you can enjoy baby yoga in your own house and don't need to worry about getting the baby ready to leave the house. 


Baby yoga is a great way to get you back on track to being healthy. It's a healthy, playful way to bond with your newborn. Being a parent can be quite stressful and yoga can help you to take care of your own body and to learn to breath normally again. 


Some other advantages: 

  • It can aid the baby's digestion
  • It can help babies to sleep better 
  • Babies enjoy movement 


*Please do the 6 week postnatal check up before starting with Baby & Me yoga. 


Classes are 45 minutes


What others say

"I really enjoyed the skype session with Melanie. It was lovely to turn on my laptop and start the day with a refreshing yoga practice. I especially liked the ayurvedic tips at the end of the class. Thanks a lot for your time and looking forward to the next session."

 - Anouk, Bregenz / Austria 

Tips before class

  • If you have any special requirements or injuries, please email me.
  • Let me know if you are pregnant. So I can adjust class accordingly. I am also a prenatal yoga instructor. 
  • Unroll your yoga mat, prepare your laptop, point camera in the right direction. Test that you (standing) and your yoga mat fit into the picture. 
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Prepare your yoga equiment (bolsters, pillows, blocks, blanket for relaxation) 
  • Stay hydrated, have a bottle of water next to you
  • Make sure your laptop is charged, your phone is off and no one can disturb you during class.
Angkor Wat © Nussbaumer Photography @Mafambani @nussbaumerphoto


Melanie has recently graduated as a Hatha yoga teacher (YTT 200 hrs) and pre-natal, children & teenage yoga teacher (30hrs) and loves to share her passion for yoga with others. Yoga is about the union of body and mind. Melanie finds herself often out of the right breath and likes to include breath work during her classes. She likes to find the right balance between Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, meditation and relaxation techniques. Yoga allows her to always get back to her happy place, no matter where she is in the world. She's looking forward to get to know you more and to practice together with you in order to help you to be more in balance. 


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